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Who is British Brooke?

I'm a 24 year old girl from London. I love bouncing my firm 36E boobies and oil them up at every opportunity! ;) I am addicted to webcamming and chatting, so feel free to contact me on this blog, or my Twitter, or just come into my webcam shows!!

Boing Boing….it’s that time again.  

My boobies being showcased by the only place you can see these exclusive pictures and videos.

I loved this Blue Sweater and really wanted to take it home with me…I mean imagine wearing this at work, or for my first day back at college (roll on September).

Apparently some of the outfits and lingerie I wore might get auctioned off on Abi…in which case someone will be the lucky owner of it.

No buttons are safe when my 34HH boobies are around!

If it’s you then please can I borrow it for a day or two…I promise to only use my sweater busting superpowers for good *Giggles*

If you’d like to see all of the photos and videos of me then click HERE

And for my amateur stuff there’s always the FanClub which has new updates due this week.

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Pin Up Files : Blue Sweater


Hope you’re good, I am LOVING the sunshine we’ve had for the last two days. I must have brought it back from my holiday - yayyy. 

Lots of FanClub members are saying they love my self taken iPhone pics on Twitter and I need to do some more for the FanClub. 

Also two members asked for ‘no Make up’ photos, yikes !

Well as always ….if you want it, I’ll try and make it happen :)

So today there are 6 new iPhone photos ‘Just out of The Shower - No Make Up’. 

Hope I don’t scare you all with my au natural look - you have been warned !

From LA with love!

There’s a new set up over in the FanClub :)

These pictures were taken in Beverly Hills just over a week ago,

It was such a good road trip from Las Vegas.I played Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Wanda Jackson all the way to LA.

The music inspired this photo set a little bit, I tried to go for a cute modern retro vibe.

As you can tell my boobs are super pale in these photos, I can’t wait till the sun is out so I can get topless in my garden !

As a farewell to Formspring I’m doing an Easter Sunday Q&A.

Thanks for all your questions….no matter how silly ;) 

When you know that you are beautiful lady?


Thanks Matt88Collins for such a sweet comment/question. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am so happy that you think I am…’re lovely.

 Can i ask you what and why make you to do what you do?

I don’t know what this question is asking really, but in terms of my general motivation in life - I want to be the best friend, daughter, sister, person that I can. So I strive for that :)

Hey Brooke, Firstly can I just say “WOWZERS” on the new Pin up Files set!!!!! You look absolutely stunning. You said this is your first pro shoot - do you plan on doing more and if so who with?

Hi Juggsman, I really had a blast working with the Pin Up Files team. If another company want me to work with them they’d better bring their A game, because Pin Up Files are a hard act to follow !

I have been a member of your iFriends fan club on and off for a while and I have to say, the site is not for me. Are you gunna start a members site and transferring all your hot pics and videos to it?

Hi CleavageSteve, iFriends was one of the first webcam sites out there, from what I understand they haven’t changed the site much over the years (if it aint broke). I know many people say it’s difficult to scroll through the pics and they’d love individual albums etc. But once you get the hang of it I think you’ll really enjoy it :)

What do you think of Hollywoods obsession with having every new movie be in 3D?

This is kind of embarrassing Viggo, I have NEVER seen a 3D movie in my whole life. Soooo I can’t really answer :)

If a well known Director/Producer from the world of movies in US/UK asked you if you wanted to be in their next movie, would you say yes?

It would depend what it was, but I would probably say yes. I’ve never experienced anything like being on a film set, and I love trying new things.

Boybands. Fantastic or the work of the Devil?

Do Def Leppard count as a boy band ?

Did you ever sneak of from school to do fun things, or were you the star pupil of the class?

I was mostly good at school, but I cut class a few times too….one time I got chased into a tree by a herd of cows and was stuck up there for ages crying….but that’s another story.

What would you do if you won lots of money and became a multi-millionair?

Fun things like buy a certain friend who asked this question his own Storm trooper to serve him tea ;)

I would take all my closest friends on a trip of a lifetime, and seeing as a lot of my friends are busty too it would probably end up like a Boob Cruise ;)

I’d give lots of money to causes close to my heart and try and make a difference.

how many times you have a sex with a guy ?

Hi Kakardi, the same guy ? Or how many separate guys ? ;)

What’s your fave dish to make for dinner?

I make this awesome chipotle chicken dish it’s soooo delicious.

Who taught you how to cook? Self thaught?

Since the invention of youtube my cooking skills have grown and improved

Have you always enjoyed making food?

No ! I used to hate cooking when I was at college my specialty was a dish christened ‘Cheesey Weiners’ by my dorm mates.

It was toast, with sliced hot dog sausages, and cheese on top melted under the grill.

I was terrible at cooking and hated it !

If there’s a great book and a great movie made of the book. Read the book, or watch the movie?

Sometimes I watch a movie and don’t realise it’s a book. Other times I see a movie has been made of a book I have read - but 9 times out of 10 it’s a let down. I’ve already made up the characters voices and how they look in my head…so when I see the actors not being like my imagined character, it throws me off !

Would you ever go on the “70.000 tons of metal” cruise with me sometime?

Ermmmm you know the answer to this one 

Do you really like the guys that come in your webcam or do you think we are all losers?

I’m going to be honest , I don’t like 100% of the people. It’s like anything in life, no one likes everyone espcially if they are rude and disrespectful.

95% of the guys that I webcam with are awesome, and I’m lucky enough to be able to say that I’ve become close friends with some of you :)

What is the best job ?

Ermmm…..maybe that guy who looks after his own tropical Island, that sounds like the best job.

Or one where you get free ice cream

So that’s the end of the questions, I hope you enjoyed them and have a Happy Easter Sunday.




Pinup files

Today is a special day, yep it’s Good Friday, but it’s also the day that my first professional photo shoot got released on PinUpFiles.

I am so happy that I can finally share this news, it’s been so hard keeping it secret.

I flew over to Las Vegas and spent a crazy few days there before heading over to Los Angeles to meet the Pin Up crew.

As you can imagine I was so nervous, I hardly slept a wink the night before and turned up bleary eyed and shy.

I should’t have worried, I was in really good hands ;)

On the shoot I met two models who I’m sure you’ve admired in various magazines and on the web, Leanne as in Crow, and Monica Mendez . So before you all ask in the comments below (I know you’re going to !) - YES their boobs are as big in real life….in fact they’re bigger !

Apart from their obvious assets *boing*, they are two of the nicest/sweetest girls you could ever hope to meet.

So without further ado here are some samples , be sure to sign up on Pin Up Files to see these EXCLUSIVE photos and upcoming videos.


It’s been ages since I wrote a blog hasn’t it?!

Work has been keeping me quite busy, I’ve gone from Part-Time to Full Time due to staff sickness. It’s been alright actually, I’ve just missed being able to get on webcam whenever I like.

One of the reasons I’ve taken more hours is so that I can save up for September - drum rollllllll please….Brooke is going back to school.

Also with Summer coming up my friend and I have decided to do the USA for a few weeks, I’m hoping to catch up with some of the amazing friends I’ve made on Twitter, but never met in person :)

So all that is pretty exciting for me right now.

I went to buy a Sports bra from Bravissimo a couple of weeks ago, and when the lady saw my cup overflowing she told me I needed to get refitted.

Turns out I’m supposed to wear a 34J in some bras and a 34HH in others - so I walked out of there with 3 new bras.

A blue satin one and another of the chocolatey ones that someone got me as a gift, it’s so comfy I just needed to get it in my new size, and also a lilac & grey sports bra.

Today is my last day on webcam for a while, I’ve got a hen do to go to….carnage !

So if you see my tweets turn even more incoherent than usual, it’s cos of the cocktails ;)

The best medicine

Hi People,

Haven’t been on Twitter or online in general much for the past week….I’ve been knocked on my butt by the flu.

Every year I think I’ve got the flu…..but this time I found out what the difference between a bad cold and influenza really is.

Seriously if someone had told me “There’s a jackpot winning lottery ticket a metre away from you, just pick it up and you’ve won” - I’d have not been able to.

Everything hurt…..and I just felt like I had zero energy.

They say that laughter is the best medicine….I might have to disagree :)

You naughty boys have just spoiled me rotten with lovely gifts that helped me feel sooooo much better.

Thank you so much to Mike for the MAHOOOOOSIVE furry bedspread - it was soooo cosy and comforting especially when I was shivering and feeling miserable.

This gorgeous lingerie set and Decleor skincare products arrived for me this morning :)

I am such a lucky girl !

Last but definitely not least - I had a HUGE box from my Norwegian friend Viggo…..practically bursting with ; Marzipan, and other personal trinkets….and this black shiny suitcase shaped box containing a T-shirt made by Viggos best friend TaylorStevens.

Viggo wrote a lovely letter and in it he explained that Taylor Stevens has made 169 exclusive t-shirts, they are individually numbered and embroidered.

‘The t-shirt is a creative interpretation of Taylor’s Triumphs over the battles she has endured thus far in her life’ and you can get your own (quickly before it sells out) here

I was going to put the t-shirt on and snap some photos, but it’s such a lovely piece of art I don’t want to ruin it, so I’ve snapped a picture of it in the case for you guys to have a peek at. It’s really great quality, and it comes beautifully gift wrapped !

Seriously I am always so touched and humbled by the love and thought you guys put into your e-mails, letters and gifts. I want you all to know how important you are to me and how much you mean to me….you are AMAZING !!!!!




Read more here: British britt brooke official blog page

Wanna learn how to make a awesome drink?

Okay so this drink is Awesome with a capital A !

I love, love, love R ‘n’ G’s and today I’m going to teach YOU (yes you there!), how to make one.

It’s totally easy peasy, and mmmm mmm mmm.

You will need :

Spiced Rum

Lime Wedges

Jamaican Ginger Beer (not Ginger Ale…it’s just not the same)


1) Put some ice in a glass

2) Pour in a liberal amount of Rum

3) Rim the glass with lime, and then squeeze the lime into the glass

4) Pour some Ginger Beer in

5) Enjoy whilst talking like a Pirate

If you’d like to see me enjoying this tipple topless then make sure you join my FanClub where the rest of the pictures live :)

Bath Set!

I’ve uploaded 10 new pictures into the Fanclub of me enjoying a Bath with a glass of ‘Baileys’ and my new Sanctuary spa bag !

Hope you enjoy it.

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