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Beautiful 18 years old

Watch all these super hot teen babes expose themselfs. We take a look at various beautiful 18 years olds gettig fucked!

Brunette Babe Flashes Pussy for Cash

Julian told me about a group of young chicks he saw practicing cheers over at a nearby park so we went to check out the scene. A funny thing happened. We never quite made it there. We drove past this Nissan parked in front of an apartment complex when Julian mentioned we could use a more economical car for the studio than the gas guzzling trucks we had been using to pick up talent. He called the number and when we met the seller of the car, our plans changed. Camryn was simply fine and simply broke. To make matters worse, she had just been told she wasn’t needed for a modeling shoot she thought she was a sure thing. Julian was doing all the negotiations and I was scoping on Camryn’s ass cheeks popping out of her tight short shorts. She had to sell the car almost immediately to get some much needed cash so we proposed a deal over at the studio. Camryn was really in no position to bargain plus the fact she seemed like she needed to fuck dealing with her stress. That premise was confirmed when he clothes went flying to the floor when we got back to the studio before she hit her knees to suck my big dick. Camryn took a ride with her shaved pussy on my cock like she really needed it. I couldn’t get her off enough. This babe was flowing with pussy juice. I had her spread wide open when I blasted a hot load all over her chin while she licked it up with her fingers. I guess we’ll check out the cheerleaders tomorrow.

Sophia Demands a Deep Big Cock Dickin

Usually for the Mr Big Dick shoots I have to hunt for fine kitty but this time Sophia just fell in my lap. I grabbed my video camera to start the interview process. The first words out of her mouth are…I am super horny and ready to fuck a huge cock. Before I let her fuck the hottness that is Julian I wanted a tour of Sophia’s body. She begins by flashing her huge fake tits, slowly bending over to show off that perfect little ass with the slightest pussy peek. That’s Julian’s queue to come give her that big dick that Sophia demanded. Julian bends her over, smacks that tan ass, shoves his face between her cheeks for a pussy to ass lunch. Sophia is moaning, Julian is hard so he eases in his 10 incher deep inside Sophia’s tight little pussy and fucks her silly

Hot 4 Lawyer - Angel Cassidy

I was a little uptight with the fact that my soon to be ex wife’s lawyer was coming over to the office to discuss a financial settlement with me. It was a female attorney and the few times I talked to her she sounded like she had a real attitude problem. When this attorney Angel finally got there, she still had a bitch attitude but I blocked it out since I was too busy checking out how sexy she was. She said she needed to take a look at the studio to get a better understanding of what I did so we I took her on a tour. Angel kept muttering, so this is where you have sex with girls? I got real cocky and said yes, asking her when was the last time she was laid. Angel was completely embarrassed now but totally turned on. When I put my hands on her to pull her closer, she started making out with me. A conflict of interest to be sure but I just went with it because it was a complete turn on for me. She was out of her business suit and onto my big dick in no time. She was some sexy slut with a wet trimmed pussy I buried my dick deep inside. Angel might have been a lawyer but she fucked like a horny slut. She got on her knees to swallow my load and licked my head clean. Who says lawyers are all bad?

Revenge Sex is Best - Memphis Monroe

Julian and I were on the prowl for a hot chick when his friend Harley called, bitching and complaining about his girlfriend. Julian decided to stop by and attempt to calm the situation. The argument was because Julian’s pal had fucked this chick Memphis’ friend and she had a major attitude about it. We met Harley at his truck and he practically dumped this babe on us. He convinced Julian to switch vehicles for the time being and take his girlfriend away and he didn’t care where. When I first saw her the first thing I thought was revenge for her and the studio. We offered that scenario to Memphis and after she looked me over a bit she said let’s do it. She was so ready to go that I was playing with Memphis’ huge tits on the ride over. I had her naked and sucking on her tits and pussy within seconds after we got to the studio before she gave my dick quite a tongue massage. Memphis’ pussy was wet, shaved and ready to fuck my cock off. She rode me at first but that was just the beginning because we were banging all over that sofa before I unleashed a cum glazing all over those huge boobs of hers. That was perhaps the easiest pickup I’ve even done. See live sluts here!

Sit on My Face - Brynn Tyler & Holly Morgan

This chick Holly hit me up during an online chat one day and as it turned out, she had shot for us way back in the day with Billy. She said she was interested in doing a scene again sometime soon, and had a sexy friend that was interested too. Julian remembered Holly was a cutie and from the picture she sent, Brynn was a hottie too so he told me to hook up the deal. We met them at the train station and both chicks were looking hot as advertised even on this crappy rainy day. I just remember when we got to the studio I had a blonde to my left and a blonde to my right. There can’t be a vision much better than that except when they both got naked to get on their knees to suck my big dick and lick my balls. They were nasty little sluts, kissing and eating each other out as I had my way fucking both their tight sweet pussies. We definitely put the three in threesome as I licked on Brynn as Holly rode me and then we reversed roles. It was great stuff and they had some great hard horny bodies that got me all jacked up. I was blasting away at Holly as Brynn was licking her tits when I gave them both a taste of my sticky man juice. It’s nice when old friends come back and see us with a sexy friend to boot.

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